David - Guitar, Song Writing (Manager of both locations)

David’s approach to lessons is pretty simple; enjoy and improve! Learn the songs you love with an emphasis on practical techniques and concepts. David has extensive industry experience including original songs on high rotation from Triple j to Nova, TV appearances (Channel V and The Panel.) He has performed with Jimmy Barnes, The Whitlams, Thirsty Merc and Epicure. 

Teaching Experience: 23 years

What are your musical influences? Any great song

Seen the penguins at Philip Island? I've taught them

Fav moments teaching at Mr M? 

Students excited by improvement


Troy - Bass, Guitar & Drums (Knox&Waverley)

Troy has a great natural flare for playing tough guitar and bass and he has covered a range of styles (a range of hairstyles too) in numerous bands from thrash metal to soul. He accommodates his students influences and goals through teaching songs and techniques specific to certain styles of music. He dreams of touring the world playing music and being the new bass player for Iron Maiden. 

Seen the penguins at Philip Island? 

Yes and I also met Philip, good guy.   

Fav note? 

G flat. 

What do you think of the Mr Music teacher top?

It is the pinnacle of good fashion. 

Advice for students who want to improve heaps?

Have fun and enjoy what you practice. You get out what you put in.

Caitlin - Piano/Keyboard & Singing (Waverley&Knox)

The paragraph of DOOM! 

Caitlin studied at Melbourne University and completed her Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in piano performance. She has been playing music for 13 years, beginning with piano, and accumulating other instruments along the way. She loves all styles of music (except her Uncle's band), and will teach anyone who is willing to decorate the front page of their homework book. She is also proficient with theory and aural training. Caitlin is well known for her sparkly purple converse shoes, which, together with the Mr M top, match her hair perfectly (this was simply a happy coincidence… she did not plan this.) 

Instruments she can play: Piano, vocals, violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, trumpet, alto sax, ukulele, kazoo, and the bird whistle.  

Instruments she can play well: Piano, vocals, violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, trumpet, alto sax, ukulele and kazoo. 

Matt - Piano/Keyboard & Violin (Clayton & FTGully)

Matt loves his music. At age 16 he earned his Associate Diploma in Violin from the AMEB, and upon completing high school, was accepted into The University of Melbourne where he studied Violin and Composition, graduating with Honours in 2014. 


"I love the range of students I get to teach at Mr Music. Everything from kids receiving their first ever music lesson, to special needs students, to more advanced older students." 

Oh and he's rather crafty with electric violin :)

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Matt - Singing, Bass & Guitar (Clayton & FTGully)

Matthew's musical career began at the tender age of six when his parents bought him a guitar, which he then proceeded to atonally thrash, pretending to be Peter Coombe. During his teenage years he picked up the bass guitar and has never looked back.....

Lessons with Matt are fun, after all most of us learn better when we're enjoying what we do. Vocal lessons are about understanding and improving your voice, applying learnt ideas to songs you love to (or need to) sing. He's fantastic at preparing singing students for our concerts. On the guitar side Matt is willing to teach almost any song from almost any genre as well as musical theory and songwriting; although his single weakness is his tendency to fly into a user friendly face-melting rage if asked to play or teach Stairway To Heaven, which he severely dislikes (a sentiment shared, rather ironically, by Jimmy Page himself). 

A few more things about Matt; he's the only teacher here that appears out of his Mr Music top, that's cause we thought this pic of him is super cool. Matt plays in an original band called 'The Man With The Shiny Hat' (Progressive, ambient rock). Oh and one last thing, we tried to put some of his above information to the side of his photo (like all the other teacher profiles) only the website was playing up, sorry about that :)

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BenW - Guitar (Clayton)...

First and foremost, Ben is a good guy. This quality, combined with many years of experience allows his students to get the most out his off-beat, yet educational lessons. Ben teaches all styles across the board, so you should be wary when he asks you what style of music you enjoy. For if your answer is "whatever", "all styles", or "I don't mind", he WILL teach you Conway Twitty (youtube him kids!).  

Teaching Strengths: SHRED *rips out huge harmonic minor face-melter then throws up the horns*

Advice to prospective players: If you don't own at least three copies of Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force album then get onto it!

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Chris - Singing, Keyboard (Waverley)

Chris took to music at the age of 5, exploring a wide range of musically challenged paths. Through many experimental years of piano, guitar, flute, recorder and even the triangle, he finally got his hands on a mic. The rest, as they say, is history. He looks forward to every opportunity to explore the musical scene and approaches his lessons with style and grace, not unlike the majestic gazelle. Chris is very approachable and very easy going. He'll help you get the voice you're after.


Styles taught: Anything from Pop to Rock to Heavy Metal to Musical Theatre.

Instruments you can play: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ocarina (Very badly)
Fav things about Mr Music: Mr Music is the place where dreams come true, the place to be as silly or as serious as you'd like, the place where music is born and the place to go if you're looking for the Monash Freeway and are a little bit lost.

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Daniel - Guitar (Clayton)

Dan’s been playing guitar for 10+ years, and in that time he’s covered many styles from classical to rock to jazz and beyond. His current playing style could be called a mixture of funk, blues and RnB. He’s also played in a surf rock band for the past couple of years, done session work with some local pop singers and even dabbled in Gypsy jazz and swing music. He makes lessons fun and likes to include some practical musical theory so that his students can understand what they are playing and how their favourite artists tick. Oh, and if you look closely enough at his photo you’ll see he’s wearing his Mr Music teaching top underneath the Hawaiian shirt. Dedication!

 Styles Taught: Pretty much anything and everything.

 Instruments taught: Guitar and bass. 

Favourite thing about Mr Music: You don’t get sheet music rammed down your throat!

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James - Guitar 

Ok, James is only 7 years old, but one day he wants to be a Mr Music Teacher. He's been learning from Jeremy for about a year. He's doing great! He's very reliable, picks up ideas well and is a legend at The Munchie's game. He bought a teaching top a while back and we've been so impressed by his improvement that we've put him under this section just in case anyone out there is looking for a guitar teacher in about 15 years :)

Hobbies: pulling funny faces in photos

Favourite Music: anything rock!

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