Which areas do you teach/visit?

Thanks for asking!

Pretty much Glen Waverley and surrounding suburbs.


What are your payment methods?


Bank Transfer.



Should I have 14 lessons per week at Mr Music?


Yes you should……hehe…..however most students have one private half hour lesson per week (same day and time each week). An hour lesson works brilliantly as long as the student is ready for it. By ready I mean - has the attention span, passion and musical ability for the hour.


What days and times do you teach?


I'm on the road Mondays 4-8:30pm and Tuesdays 4-8:30pm


If I refer a friend who starts lessons with you do I get something cool?



How often should I practice?


The ‘best students’ (i.e. the students that are passionate, dedicated and get the best results) play most days. I recommend 3-5 days per week for 10 minutes and up. A few things to consider.... Firstly young kids (i.e. students under 10 yrs of age) are not known for their diligence when it comes to practice. Most of the youngies don’t understand that to get good at something you need to work hard and consistently. They just want to run around in a circle. Secondly, it’s not so much about how often you practice, but the quality of the practice and wanting to practice yourself. Most of the great students just want to play...


Why is your mobile number on your Home page incomplete?


I don't like robots

What happens if I cancel a lesson?

If you cancel a lesson regardless of notice given you're still charged for that lesson (sorry about this one, in no way is it punisment for cancelling, because I understand things come up - people get sick, cars break down, people need to do homework, you want to watch the rest of your NetFlix show, life happens etc). To run a viable 'In Your Home Lessons' business I need to be paid for my time

Can you teach people with special needs?

Of course! I'm very patient and understanding, I can think on my feet and change things up quickly if the messages are not getting through. I have children of my own on the Autism Spectrum, and can help people tap into their magical abilities :)


Why did you have ‘Bring in a Frog Week’?


Just because...



How many lessons do I need?


How long is a piece of cake? Within a few lessons a beginner should be seeing some results (i.e. playing something that can be recognised). Self taughts should see a big improvement direction wise quickly too. There is no real answer here, many students will have 50-100 lessons and some have 200+. One lunatic (possible compliment) has had 400+. Some self taught students find 10 lessons are all they need to then go further themselves. One thing is for sure, you never stop learning.



Am I too old to start lessons?


No way, all ages are great to teach! If you're keen to learn, I can help you.


Can 2 students learn at the same time?

Yes, the cost is $45 for the half hour.


Do you have a current Working With Children Check?


Can you offer advice if I want to start a band, book gigs, get my songs on radio etc?


For sure! There is loads of great advice available on these sorts of things. And importantly advice from the 'artists' point of view to hopefully help you avoid the usual misleading music industry traps.



Is it true that you have Jimi Hendrix’s autograph?


Yes, I saw him yesterday at the local Milk Bar and he was kind enough to sign my pie wrapper.


Do you teach on School Holidays and Public Holidays?


No sorry


Do you teach on Public Holidays and School Holidays?

Really? See above

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