Where are you located?


 WAVERLEY/CLAYTON: 2/20 Duerdin St, Melway 70 H10

(just off Blackburn Rd) 9558 6360 ask for Dave.


KNOX/FERNTREE GULLY: 6/718 Burwood Hwy, Melway 73 F2

(just near Milsomes, the Vet & Forty Winks) 9758 7372 ask for Dave.



How much are your half hour private lessons?


Prices range from $30-38 depending on teacher, instrument and location. 

P.S discounted hour lessons are available for very reliable students.



Have any of your teachers been in cool bands?


Yes. Some of the guys are in bands that have had their original music played on high rotation all over the biggest stations in Australia (Triple J, Nova), as well as TV performances on The Panel, Channel V and Rove Live. One of the guys has had his song featured on one of those 'big' American movies.


What are your payment methods?


Cash, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cheque. A small surcharge applies for credit card payments. 



Should I have 14 lessons per week at Mr Music?


Yes you should……hehe…..however most students have one private half hour lesson per week (usually at the same set time and day each week). An hour lesson works brilliantly as long as the student is ready for it. By ready we mean - has the attention span, passion and musical ability for the hour.


What hours are you open?


Most of our teaching is done on weekdays - 330pm to 9pm, and Saturdays 10am to 3pm. 


What’s the G-O with your newsletter jokes?





How often should I practice?


Everyone is different unless you are a Clone Trooper. The ‘best students’ (i.e. the students that are passionate, dedicated and get the best results) play most days. We recommend 3-5 days per week for 10 minutes and up. A few things to consider.... Firstly young kids (i.e. students under 10 yrs of age) are not known for their diligence when it comes to practice as most of the youngies don’t understand that to get good at something you need to work hard and consistently. They just want to run around in a circle. The second point is that it’s not so much about how often you practice, but the quality of the practice and wanting to practice yourself. Most of the great students just want to play………..


How long are your vouchers valid for?



12 months, from the date of purchase. Don't leave it too long!


Why did you have ‘Bring in a Frog Week’?


Just because………



How many lessons do I need?


How long is a piece of cake? Within a few lessons a beginner should be seeing some results (i.e. playing something that can be recognized). Self taughts should see a big improvement direction wise quickly too. There is no real answer here, many students will have 50-100 lessons and some have 200+. One lunatic (who we love) has had 400+. Some self taught students find 10 lessons are all they need to then go further themselves. One thing is for sure, you never stop learning.



Am I too old to start lessons?


No way, in fact many teachers say their fav students to teach are the mature aged. Oh and our youngest student is 5, our oldest is 79 



Need an awesome photographer?


Visit www.michellelancaster.com



Do I have to pay for 10 lessons up front when I start?


No, we are a professional music school but you can pay week to week if you prefer.



Can you offer advice if I want to start a band, book gigs, get my songs on radio etc?


For sure. In our newsletter there are tips………plus we run workshops about it and most of the teachers do lots of live work and studio work. There is loads of great advice available on these sorts of things. And importantly advice from the 'artists' point of view to hopefully help you avoid the usual misleading music industry traps.



Is it true that you have Jimi Hendrix’s autograph?


Yes, I saw him yesterday at the local Milk Bar and he was kind enough to sign my pie wrapper.



Do you have performances for the students?


Yes. We run  a number of student concerts each year for those interested. We also record our singers to CD, we have a few 'Wonky Weeks' during the year, there's 'Bring in a Friend Week',  we record student EPs and run workshops etc….


Do you teach on School Holidays?


Yes, and on some Public Holidays. We slack off a little over the Xmas break



Did you really win an award/trophy for ‘Best Waiting Area’?


Well, we have a trophy that says as much and we have great waiting areas………………