Mr Music (Dave) is a Melbourne mobile music 'one man band' teacher offering 'Lessons at your Place.'

Learn music you love in a fun way!


$38 per half hour private lesson (same day and time each week)

Instruments Taught

Guitar, Bass, Song Writing & Song Arrangement, Keyboard stuff, live performance and vocal tips, industry and band advice etc.



Established in 1990, Mr Music has been providing high quality music lessons in a relaxed, fun and at times slightly quirky environment.

"Professional Mayhem."

For the past 15 years Mr Music has been 2 large music schools in Clayton & Ferntree Gully, Victoria. In that time we had a blast, with lots of great teachers, cool teacher tops, loads of amazing students - but I’m getting older haha (I'm a Dad of 3 amazing kids) and have decided to strip things back a bit, and just get back to two of the things I love most; teaching music & driving :)



Learn the music you love, learn the really cool and important theory concepts in a very practical way, enjoy and improve, become musically independent so you can teach yourself & be able to read all those theory books/Guitar Mags and have a clue about what they are actually talking about!





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