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About Us


Mr Music is a Melbourne (Victoria-Australia) based private music tuition school set in two locations, Waverley and Knox. Established in 1990 (just before Nirvana and grunge music exploded) Mr Music has been providing high quality music lessons to thousands of up and coming musos in a relaxed, fun, modern, professional and at times slightly quirky environment. 

Instruments taught; Guitar, Singing (SLS), Drums, Bass, Song Writing,  Violin and Keyboard/Piano. There are qualified teachers who wear a very professional top!  


Learn the music you love, enjoy and improve, become musically independent so you can do what you want & be able to read all those theory books/guitar mags and have a clue what they are talking about! Hip teachers who teach great music & practical concepts that are easy to understand.

Why us?

We have a great local reputation, help out the community, have a unique popular lesson approach, great studios and make learning music fun. Plus we have cool artwork 


We work closely with a couple of fantastic local music stores (e.g. Syndal Music) that will look after you whenever you need gear if you are a Mr Music student.



Web Guru/Resolver of Complaints/Mr Music Mascot

Sampson C has been at our company for a long time. Yeah, he knows the ropes and has heard it all before. If you have any relevant issues/complaints please email Sampson, he will get back to you A.S.A.P (A S.mart A.ce P.oodle)